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Perfect Fit Wrtiers

Yousef Al Shatti

Kuwait-born Yousef Al Shatti lives for travel and adventure. At 34-years-old, he has partaken in professional triathlon tournaments and Spartan races. He likes to travel at least once a month to discover new countries, attend competitions and experience extreme sports in different environments. Find him on instagram at Q8_spartan

Vianney Selin

SPARK Gym’s strength and conditioning coach Vianney Selin originates from France but has worked all over the world including China, Qatar, Congo, Serbia, Japan, South Africa and of course, Kuwait. With a sports nutrition degree and two master’s degrees in sports conditioning and sports training, Vianney has spent over a decade working with athletes to train their speed, strength, power and helping to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

Tanisha Sakhawat

Tanisha is a fashion and style enthusiast. Tanisha graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a journalism and media studies joint honours degree in 2010. Her credentials include covering London and Paris Fashion Weeks, writing a column for Fashion Chicago Magazine and experience at The Daily Telegraph and Now Magazine in London. She now writes her own fashion and lifestyle blogs, and is the author of Perfect Fit’s ‘Five fashion essentials’ style item.

Steve Hulmes

Steve gravitated to writing via teaching and stand up comedy. You will often find him in our LIVE section covering everything from arm-wrestling to robots. He is also the ghostwriter of several novels, maybe you’ve read one?

Sharifah Alrabah

Sharifah is a journalism student at Northumbria University. After trying many diets such as Dukan’s and Weight Watchers, Sharifah found an interest in busting myths created by the industry. Her hobbies outside of school include trying and testing new approaches to exercise and weight management. Sharifah believes in cooking healthy, vegetarian meals and researching nutrition as an aid to losing, gaining or maintaining weight.

Sera Shaw

Sera has written for worldwide newspapers, magazines and websites on a wide range of subjects but her favourite topic is fitness. Never one to shy away from new fads, whether it's anti gravity yoga or backwards running, she will try out all the new trends and bring them straight to the pages of PerfectFit.

Sam Bayliss

Having started a career as a personal trainer, Sam fell in love with yoga whilst in rehabilitation for an injury. Now a yoga teacher and functional training specialist, Sam works and teaches in Abu Dhabi. When not working on his hilariously shaky handstands (his words!), he enjoys swimming and classic literature.

Reshmi Revi

‘Actively chaotic’ is how Reshi describes her life in Kuwait. Having moved here from London six years she ago she had one goal: to change the lives of everyone she meets for the better. A certified personal trainer herself with the NZCF, Reshmi is also a full time athlete who loves to compete in bodybuilding. By day she is the Master Trainer for Technogym Kuwait and a Poliquin BioSignature Trainer. By night she puts her Auckland University of Technology’s Communications Degree to good use as a health and fitness writer. A self-confessed ‘foodie’ she also reviews Cheat Day restaurants on a monthly basis. Find her on Snapchat and Instagram with @q8missfit.

Peter Dorman

Originally from Northern Ireland, Pete currently lives in Glasgow studying for a postgraduate Masters degree in multimedia journalism, having already achieved an MA in politics from the University of Dundee. As a keen sportsman, he has played international level hockey and gyms as much as he can. With aspirations to be a men’s lifestyle journalist, Pete loves to write about health and fitness as well as men’s fashion.

Owen Walters

Owen Walters is currently a student of media at Goldsmiths University, London and a reserve soldier for the British Army. An avid weight lifter with previous experience as a gym instructor, Owen also has a great love for the outdoors and makes annual winter climbs of the UK’s biggest mountain ranges. With those credentials, Owen’s fitness and nutritional expertise speaks for itself!

Oscar Nicholas

Oscar is a freelance writer, blogger and student with a passion for fitness and music. Oscar lives in Lincolnshire where he studies Journalism. When not writing he hits the gym six days a week focusing on weight training and calisthenics. During the summer he works at an American summer camp teaching kids.

Natalia Domagala

London-based freelance writer, Natalia is actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle. When not studying for her anthropology and media degree at Goldsmiths, University of London, you will find her jogging, hiking in the mountains or cycling. As a gluten-free and lactose-free food enthusiast, Natalia loves experimenting with new recipes and can’t wait to share them with Perfect Fit.