YOUR Working as a jockey is not a sit-down job. The role requires exceptional fitness, stamina and endurance. A jockey's regime includes yoga, running and core exercises like these to build up balance and stability Arabic العربية STABILITY BALL, ARM AND LEG LIFT Sit on a stability ball: arms at your sides, feet wide apart, firmly on the ground. Slowly lift your left leg and extend it straight in front of you. At the same time lift your right arm straight at shoulder height Hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower your arm and leg to their original position Now repeat for the other side, this time lifting your right leg and left arm. JUMPING JACKS 1. Begin this exercise in a standing position, with both feet closetogether and hands at your sides. 2. Now jump in the air with legs and arms, spread as far apart as you can to make. Repeat for your chosen amount of time. To make it harder and improve your balance further, cross your feet each time you land, alternating with your right or left foot at the fronttar' shape. SKIPPING ROPE A classic way to build up stamina and improve balance. With one end of the rope in each hand, use your wrists to swing the rope overhead and jump just before it touches your feet. Repeat each time the ropecompletes a circle, Tailor the speed to your ability. As you become more advanced, increase the speed to aid your coordination LEG SWING 1 Stand with your feet together arms at sides. 2 Left your left leg up in front of you-knee high. 3 Then swing the same leg behind you slowly until it reaches the same height. 4 Swing your leg backwards and forwards five more times. 5 Repeat for the other side.