Training for any bodybuilding competition takes skill, dedication and loads of discipline. But winning a slew of bodybuilding competitions is on another level. Meet ... Arabic العربية This month's cover star Ali Al Arbash is a local physique competitor who took home first place at the 2014 Olympia Amateur World Showdown in the Men's Physique Category in Moscow, Russia. Find out what this firefighter gets up to in training. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TRAINING? I love bodybuilding and have been training since 2003. WHAT'S NEXT IN TERMS OF COMPETING? I plan to compete in the upcoming Mr. lympia
mateur competition in Kawait this May. WHAT DO YOU GET UP TO ON YOUR REST DAY? Friday's my day off. So it's here tend to catch up with family and friends. HOW LONG WAS YOUR CONTEST PREP AND WHAT WAS YOUR TRAINING STRUCTURE LIKE? Before the contest, I prepped for four months and it basically consisted of being on a cleăn healthy diet, and fraining hard twice aday." WHAT'S THE MOST CHALLENGING ASPECT OF COMPETING? Being on stage! HOW DID YOU FIND THE OLYMPIA AMATEUR IN MOSCOW? It was so hard for me to be on the Olympia stage but nonetheless it was an exciting and fun experience altogether. BODYBUILDING, WHAT OTHER SPORT WOULD YOU BE PARTICIPATING IN? I love challenging myself so if didn't compete in bodybuilding, would probably participate in kyokushin #Karate . WHAT WOULD BE YOUR ADVICE TO ASPIRING INDIVIDUALS LOOKING AT COMPETING IN BODYBUILDING? Select the correct category that compliments your physique and then find a great trainer. In one Word What ALI ALARBASH Likes? Work out with Ali Al Arbash and learn one of the best dumbbell exercises!

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