Celebrity Fitness Secrets for "Kate Hudson" Because of her looks, she won many roles

A HOLLYWOOD FILM STAR WITH OVER TWO DECADES OF EXPERIENCE, KATE HUDSON CERTAINLY KNOWS A THING OR TWO WHEN IT COMES TO LOOKING YOUR BEST AT ALL TIMES. FROM DRAMAS TO COMEDIES. Arabic العربية The key to a healthy body is to always stay hydrated". HUDSON HAS A RICH ACTING PEDIGREE BEHIND HER, ALTHOUGH IT SPEAKS VOLUMES THAT MOST PEOPLE CATEGORISE HER FOR HER LOOKS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. STILL, THERE ARE WORST THINGS TO BE TYPECAST FOR THAN BEING ATTRACTIVE, AND WHILST SHE HAS HER MOTHER, GOLDIE HAWN TO THANK FOR HER NATURAL BEAUTY, THE REST HAS BEEN DOWN TO HER. AS THE FOUNDER OF WORKOUT FITNESS BRAND FABLETICS, YOU CAN BE SURE THAT THIS IS A LADY WHO TAKES HER HEALTHY LIFESTYLE VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED. CARDIO WORKOUT > Kate Hudson's workout routine is very heavily cardio focused, mixed with a combination of #Pilates. A normal exercise session will involve running for one mile, followed by a one-hour long Pilates workout. Depending on Kate's schedule, this occurs three to four times a week, with a day's rest in-between. On the days when she is not working out, she still likes to perform at least 20 minutes of exercise, normally involving jump rope cardio. A firm believer in Pilates. Kate Hudson also burns calories with an active lifestyle, including bike riding, dance and yoga sessions. The secret ingredient, in her own words is to: "drink plenty of water. The key to a healthy body is to always stay hydrated".

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