Celebrity Fitness Secrets for "Angelina Jolie" from a girl who's tormented by her ugly looks to maga

KNOWN AS BRAD PITT'S BETTER HALF UNTIL RECENTLY, ANGELINA JOLIE IS A HOUSEHOLD NAME; HAVING APPEARED ON COUNTLESS MAGAZINE COVERS THE WORLD OVER. Arabic العربية IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THIS IS THE SAME GIRL WHO WAS TEASED AT SCHOOL FOR HER UNGAINLY LOOKS. FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS APPEARING IN LOW-BUDGET B-MOVIES SUCH AS CYBORG 2, SHE HAS SINCE GONE ON TO PUT HER NAME TO SOME OF HOLLYWOOD'S BIGGEST COMMERCIAL SUCCESSES. AS AN ACTRESS WHO IS FAMOUS FOR HER LOOKS, TO KEEP HERSELF IN TOP CONDITION, EMPLOYS A CARDIO-BASED CIRCUIT- TRAINING WORKOUT; FITTING IN SESSIONS BETWEEN STARRING AND DIRECTING MOVIES, HUMANITARIAN WORK AND OF COURSE, BEING AMOTHER TO HER SIX CHILDREN! ANGELINA CARDIO WORKOUT > Angelina Jolie's workout half an hour of high intensity routine is based on a lot of cardio; cardio combined with squats and mainly consisting of circuit free weights. Tuesday will consist exercises and weights. The of chest and shoulder workouts, reason behind this focus is so again combined with 30 minutes that she is always changing of cardio, and Wednesday is the muscle groups with each session, core body. Thursday is the day for with a range of exercises that chest and shoulders, and finally include her arms, legs and core Friday is legs and arms. The body. Each day of the week will cardio training session consists focus on a different muscle of treadmill running; sprinting for group. For example, Monday will a minute, with 30 seconds of rest involve her legs and arms, with in between.

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