In addition to his fine screen performances (no less than two Oscar nominations) Jeremy Renner is also famed for his action hero physique. Here's how regular conditioning can get you ripped like Renner Arabic العربية With huge box office hits W like The Bourne Legacy. Avengers Assemble and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol tucked under his belt, Jeremy Renner has slowly but surely become one of Hollywood's most sought after leading men. And, with highly anticipated sequels for all three due to hit screens over the next two years, Renner's stock is set to rise even higher So how does a 44-year-old former make-up artist manage to look so ripped? Well, alongside a very strict and well-balanced diet, Renner likes to get jacked the old fashioned way via a consistent mix of weight training and cardio. YOUR MISSION SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT SUNDAY: CARDIO MONDAY: CHEST Gironda neck press (5 sets x 10 reps) Incline dumbbell press (3 x 12) Narrow grip bench press (3x15) Cable fly low pulley (3 x 10) Cable fly high pulley (3 x 10) TUESDAY: BACK Wide grip pull-ups (3 x 15) Reverse grip cable pull-down (3 sets) Seated cable row (3 x 10) Chin-ups (3 x 15) WEDNESDAY: ARMS AND LEGS Cardio exercises Dumbbells Squats 20-30 min treadmill running Dips THURSDAY: REST FRIDAY: SHOULDERS O Military press (3 x 15) Seated dumbbell military press (3 x 15) Side lateral raise (3 x 10) Front lateral raise (3 x 10) SATURDAY: REST