With a few changes to form and some simple training techniques, you will be able to get even better results from your leg days. And it only takes one piece of kit: The calf machine Arabic العربية Alves is a muscle group that most people don't really care about. They are a notoriously difficult body part to make grow, and it is all too easy to forget about them. Altogether, rather than address the problem. But help is at hand (or leg). Getting to know the calf machine properly will ensure better results in less time. SLOW IT DOWN Take time over every rep you perform. You should press-up in a controlled motion, and then lower yourself back to the starting point to the count of four. DROP THE WEIGHT Bouncing up and down with a weight that is too heavy for you will not help your lagging calves to grow. Use a sensible weight that allows you to perform quality reps to boost growth. FULL RANGE OF MOTION Start the rep with your ankles on the machine, and your calves fully stretched. Press all the way through the movement until you are on the tips of your toes. FEEL THE SQUEEZE At the top of the movement, squeeze your calves hard to force as much tension through them as possible MIX IT UP Use a variety of different reps to stimulate more growth. You can perform as few as six reps per set, then go all the way up to 20-25. Workout modeled by Mahmoud Al Mubarak at Platinum Gym Photography by Fahad Bassam Al Bassam

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