An upgrade in A sometimes be just as effective as a change in your routine. If you have just changed your regime, or regularly switch between different sportsand exercises, it is worth investing in several pairs of different footwear to match your various programmes. Arabic العربية If you're an all-rounder, taking part in a little of everything, a cross trainer is the perfect shoe for you. If you're into court games - basketball, squash and tennis - focus on specialist court shoes. These provide traction, lateral and mid-foot support, and tend to be especially durable. If you're a runner, you need to look for cushion- soled trainers with forward motion support to protect your feet from the constant pounding on the treadmill. Most stores will measure your feet properly and can even calculate your gait for the ideal fit. Any new trainer will feel great in the store, so heed professional advice when it comes to your foot's size, shape and arch to ensure the optimal comfort, support and performance. For weightlifting, few realise that cushion-soled shoes are not appropriate. Weightlifters need stability and traction to support the force that comes down through your body when lifting heavy weights. Cushioned shoes can allow your ankles to roll under the weight, which can be extremely dangerous. There are two main options for this task. Weightlifting shoes with a rubber sole and an ankle strap for extra support are the more traditional choice and very popular. Others prefer minimalist shoes or toe shoes that recreate a barefoot sensation. Advocates of this relatively new concept believe they give greater stability than regular weightlifting shoes and a better driving force throughout the full weightlifting motion. If you can, try both options to find the best solution for your own personal agenda.

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