Arabic العربية WOD: WEAKNESS INTO YOUR STRENGTH Combine moves you like with ones you don't to improve any physical weaknesses while still having something to look forward to! CLEAN & JERK AL SHARHAN'S CROSSET WOD СrossFitQ8 trainer #Haya_Al_Sharhan tries to tailor her Workout Of The Day (WOD) so that there's a little something for everyone to enjoy - and be tested by of course. She says: "I like workouts that are a combination of movements I enjoy and movements that are not my strongest. That way I'll be improving on a weakness but I still got a little something to look forward to". • Stand with your feet planted on the floor and a 40kg barbell in front of you. • Bend at the knees and grab the bar with an overhand grip, just wider than leg hip width. • Drive through your heels to pull the weight up. . Some people jump up to get the 'clean' momentum for the weight to past your chest. . When the backs of your fingers are on your shoulders, push the weight upwards (this is the jerk) until your arms are fully extended with the elbows locked. . Hold at the top then return the weight to the floor. Trainer's Notes "Any workout that includes a barbell movement usually gets me excited, that's why this WOD starts with the clean and jerk barbell move. Normally when it comes to barbell work I say: 'he heavier the better'. The 40kg weight in this workout is relatively light, depending on your level. The second movement - burpees - is something I never look forward to and I know many would feel the same way, but the rep scheme of 10 to 1 makes this a fast paced workout and each round gets easier as the reps go down. Good luck and see you next time!" BURPEE BOX JUMP • Start on the ground in a push up position with a box or bench ahead of you. . Push through your arms and chest so that you jump up off the ground and land with your feet planted where your hands just were. . As soon as your feet land, swing your arms back to jump off the floor and land with two feet on the box in front of you. • Stand straight for a second, then jump back off the box again, back into the original push up position. • Repeat as required. FIND CROSSFIT Q8 ON INSTAGRAM ON @CROSSFITQ8. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON CROSSFIT IN KUWAIT, CLASSES, COACHES, OR TO CONTACTA MEMBER OF THE TEAM PLEASE GO TO WWW.CROSSFITQ8.COM

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