4 important exercises using the medicine ball to sculpt the body

When it comes to working your core, the mighty medicine ball guarantees results. Bo Heamyan has four exercises to sculpt your mid-section Arabic العربية It might look like something you should be kicking around the soccer pitch, but the medicine ball is used by real men to get real results. It's an integral part of the conditioning process for professional boxers; some even pound it into their stomachs to build strength and resistance before a fight. Don't worry, we won't be expecting you to do that, but we will be showing you how to get a killer core with just one piece of kit... Medicine Ball Crunch 1.Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. 2.Hold the medicine ball in at your chest. 3.In one move, crunch your abdomen up and deposit the ball between your knees. 4.Return back to your original lying down position. 5.Crunch back up, grab the ball with your hands, and then return to your start position. That's one rep. 6.Wince and repeat Before starting, choose a weight of medicine ball that is heavy enough to provide resistance yet light enough to ensure you'll maintain adequate control and accuracy. Only do as many reps as you can achieve with good form: 10-15 is a good benchmark to aim for. TOP TIP EXHALE AS YOU "CRUNCH' THEN INHALE AS YOU RETURN TO THE START POSITION. V-UP 1.Lie flat on your back, extend your legs, and raise your feet off the floor. 2.Clutching a medicine ball in both hands, reach your arms overhead so that your biceps cover your ears. 3.Hinge at the waist and move the ball toward your feet so that your trunk and legs form a 'V' shape. At the apex of the movement, transfer the ball from your hands to your feet. 4.Lower yourself back down to the start position, then make the 'V' shape once again, this time transferring the ball back to your hands. That's one rep. 5.Repeat for reps. TOP TIP DO A FEW SIMPLE CRUNCHES TO WARM UP BEFORE THIS AND KEEP YOUR NECK RELAXED THROUGHOUT. OVERHEAD SLAM 1.Holding a medicine ball in both hands, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. 2.Lift the ball above your head. 3.In one movement, bend at the hips and slam the ball powerfully on the ground in front of you. 4.Return back to your original position. 5.Pick up the ball and repeat for reps. TOP TIP DON'T SLAM THE BALL TOO HARD: CONTROL IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS WITH THIS ONE. HALF-KNEELING LIFT 1. Kneel on your left knee with HALF-KNEELING LIFT pointing the right foot forward to form a 90 degree angle. 2. Hold the medicine ball near your body with your hands. Keep your body taut and perpendicular to the ground. 3. Move the medicine ball towards the left hip without wrapping the body, and then - in one movement - move the ball upwards diagonally and across the body towards the right shoulder. 4. Hold this position for one second, and then return to the starting position. 5. Switch sides and repeat the movement. ➤ Important tip: Keep your head, chest and hips facing forward throughout the movement.

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