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MOHAMMED DASHTI Won the trophy in the heavyweight division

Bodybuilding is a big guys' sport, and the fascination with it grows proportionally to the bodyweight of the competitors. The winner of the over 90kg bodybuilding division shares his top tips with the Perfect Fit readers

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The heavyweight category attracts a lot of attention in the bodybuilding world. And rightly so, as over 90kg of sheer muscle is no laughing matter. Mohammed Dashti, who won the trophy in the heavyweight division, is a 36-year-old athlete sponsored by Platinum Gym. He works in the Army for the Ministry of Defense.



How long was your contest preparation and what was your training structure like?

It took me two months to prep for the Platinum Championships.

I trained under the tutelage of my coach Abdullah Al Otaiby and our game plan was to train six days a week, cycling out our workouts.

Sometimes our training sessions would be once or twice a day depending on where we were at In your opinion,

what's the most challenging aspect of competing?

For me personally, it is trying to not mentally compare myself to the other competitors on stage.

What's next for Mohammed Dashti?

For now, I plan to compete in the Asia Championships.

How did you find the Platinum Bodybuilding Figure 2015 Championships?

Competing is challenging and I love to challenge myself. The Platinum Championships proved to be a competition of a high caliber as there were so many great individuals presenting their amazing physiques on stage Advice to aspiring individuals looking.

Advice to aspiring individuals looking at competing in bodybuilding?

If you want to compete, my advice is to pick a good coach who's great at competition prep in your chosen bodybuilding division. Training hard at the gym is a must, however, mastering the art of posing for your routine is just as important.

Favorite part to train? Least Favourite? Favorite cheat meal? Favorite supplements?