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The Role model

Consider the positive role models from whose example

you have benefitted throughout life. Could you ever have

imagined all of the ways they were going to motivate you?

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Your role model in sports

They draw you in through their example. They connect to your core. They command fierce passion and loyalty. Your thoughts of them both intimidate and compel you. They are your role models.

We connect with different role models at every stage in life. At first, you may not realize that it is happening. As they demonstrate the personal qualities that you admire, you are drawn

to their vision. As you observe them continuing to show these qualities in the most difficult of situations, you find yourself wanting to be like them. You are becoming a different person, in a way that you could not possibly have imagined before you first met them.

Athletic role models are particularly significant. You will strive to become motivated in the way that they are motivated. Sometimes you may disagree with them, but if they are truly your role model, you will still come back

to them.

Right now, you can't imagine all of the ways they can positively motivate

you. So choose wisely.


Dr. Jeremy Van Dyken is a counselor

at the Soor Center for Professional

Therapy & Assessment, and author

of several periodical articles.

He can be reached at