Achieve faster with intermittent and intense workouts!

Regular workouts can get you from place to place with less daily fatigue; you have more stamina and better concentration. If you find yourself under a lot of work pressure or in demand from other

commitments, your gym time can come under threat.

Try not to cut out exercise completely, as the benefits of even a short session far outweigh the

time recouped by not going; you just need to make better use of the minutes on your stopwatch.

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is one

of the best ways to maximise a short gym session. HIIT comes with numerous benefits,

alongside the bonus of being remarkably time-efficient. Interspersing reps of very fast, high intensity cardio such as running, rowing, cycling or skipping with bouts of low intensity 'rests' but not stopping in between has been shown to produce incredible results when compared to the long sessions of slow and steady, long-distance cardio many will be familiar with. Research shows that even just

ten minutes of HIIT can be more effective than half an hour on the treadmill.

HIIT tends to be equipment-light and cardio-heavy, giving your heart an efficient and powerful workout. Its intensity and speed is also known to motivate your body's natural repair cycle, meaning that more calories are burned in the day following a workout, and it can also stimulate human growth hormone, which has been shown to slow the aging process.

HIIT and weightlifting is a perfect combination, as HIIT burns more fat than muscle. Some

research has shown you can shed up to nine times more fat with HIIT than with slow and

steady cardio.

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