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Amwaj started the Romance collection "Renaissance"

Amwaj unveils the newest collection holding the name "Renaissance collection" which speaks through its epic romance towards perfection. It includes four different perfumes 'Enclave','Crimson Rocks','Aashor', and 'Meander', which all of them were focused around there origins in Oman. Where the world's most famous perfume makers all came together who are (Dometel Mechalon Berteh 'Crimson Rocks') (Makenzy Riley 'Aashor', and 'Meander') and (Julian Rascowenette ' Enclave').

Commenting on this, Renault Salmon, Head of Customer Experience at Amwaj said: “For three decades,

Amwaj has been famous for creating some of the most amazing perfumes in the world. Continuing this journey, I wanted to take a new adventure that would allow us to explore aspects that we had not previously explored.”

He added, "I chose to unveil this romantic saga by separating the Renaissance group."

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