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Act Your Age 11

As we age, the body changes, meaning the type of nutrients and exercise we need for optimal health needs to be adjusted accordingly. Aimee Joseph has the definitive guide to health and fitness for three decades of life...

s physiological A changes take place throughout the years, it is necessary to adapt our workout and fuel accordingly. Whilst the 20s are the decade where levels of muscle-building hormones - testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and human growth hormone (HGH) – are at their highest, once we hit 30, most men experience a two percent reduction in these each year. This means a decrease in strength due to loss of muscle tissue and an increase in body fat. Add to that an ever-slowing metabolism and increased workload throughout our 30s and 40s, and we need to ensure we are making the most of every training session. Once we reach our 40s, studies have shown that men lose 2.5kg (5lb) every decade due to decreased levels of HGH, which means that by the age of 60, many men will have around 80 percent less HGH in their body than when they were 20. However, there are steps you can take to ensure you keep fighting against the ageing process with appropriate nutrition and exercise, so the only number you need to be concerned with, is on the weight you're pressing!