Abdullah Al Saraf Winner of The Show

The Winner of The Show

Abdullah Al Saraf

discusses his passion for competing and

his lifelong quest to build that perfect body

Have you ever competed before?

I participated in my first two shows last year, Oxygen in June and Platinum in October,

both under 80kg.

What made you decide

to do The Show?

I love competing. I enjoy a clean diet, cardio and working out. So I thought, why not?

How long have you been

working out?

10 years.

How did you find The Show?

I absolutely loved it. This was also my first contest as a sponsored athlete

for Kuwaiti Nutrition.

How was The Show's format different from conventional bodybuilding competitions?

It's more enjoyable. I loved being on stage. The Show is judged not only on posing but also on confidence and charisma.

What Abdullah Likes

What was the most challenging aspect?

Going against opponents of various weight and height categories

Did you prep with a coach?

Yes, Ibrahim Wali. I started training with him about 10 years ago when I weighed 64kg.

He helped me prep for my other competitions and I wouldn't change him.

How long did it take you to prepare for

The Show, and what's your training split like?

You could say I have been prepping for 10 years.

My training routine stays the same, on or off-season - cardio in the morning and lift in the afternoon.

What advice would you give to people wanting to compete?

Focus on working hard for a couple of years to get muscle maturity and then compete.