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Does your workout seem to lack the edge it once had?!

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Does your workout seem to lack the

edge it once had – the buzz it gave you?

Have you stopped seeing results and started to get bored? Luke Haward has four fitness reboots to kick-start your workout and gets you back on track.

Try Harder!

Almost every area of the exercise game has room for development and extra challenges. Often when you have been training for a long time, you can become stuck in a rut, repeating the same workout time and again at the gym. Whether you love cardio but find your routine is broken up or lacking focus, or avoid those machines in favor of weights but want to shed some fat, it's time to reboot. A fantastic way to do this is to structure your machine time as if you're in training for a triathlon.

Triathletes typically start their preparation with endurance running training, which will of course involve hitting that treadmill. Build up to it slowly; start out with 25 minutes walking and just five running at a steady pace, then over the days gradually increase the ratio of running to walking. This

ever-changing routine will hold your interest and the steady increase in pace will result in a new achievement at every session. By the end of the first two weeks, you should be doing 15 minutes of each, and by the end of a month, you're doing five minutes of walking followed by 25 minutes

at a brisk running pace.

For cycling, either tailor your own 30-minute program in a similar way to the running, changing gradients, and resistance accordingly over the first month; or alternatively, pick one of the pre-programmed routes and let the machine choose your course.

Add in half an hour of swimming at the end of each session and over four weeks you will start to notice you can go harder and hit more lengths each time.